Often, music inspired by the spiritual can find itself in something of a niche. Whether it’s through the fear of being preached to, or the fact that it’s hard to let the music transport you away if you’re not a believer, sometimes those outside the specific realm of the music can be left cold.

However, the Nine Beats Collective have managed to change all that. Inspired by a popular section of the Bible known as The Beatitudes, their new album is a hugely inclusive release of its type. Perhaps it’s because the many artists involved have come from so many different backgrounds, or maybe it’s just because those verses are simply used as a framing device through which to view the world we all live in.

Either way, this epic collection of 26(!) tracks is just as affecting for those who don’t believe as for those who do. Mixing music, poetry, monologues and much more, the sheer scale and number of ideas alone is impressive. Let alone the skilled musicianship. Keep an open mind with this album, and there’s lots here to fall for. Get an insight into how this project came together below.