Official music video for ‘Early Girl’ performed by Hattie Briggs.

Directed by Jonathan Stow
Produced by Intraspectrum Studios

Song written by Hattie Briggs and Jasmine Scott Neale

Girl – Rebecca Nardin
Ballet Dancer – Sarai Scott Neale

Production Manager: Maja Vujevic-Stow
Production Designer: Katherine Burke
Director of Photography: Barbara Van Schaik
1st AC: Nacho Guzman
2nd AC: Donny Johnson
Movi OP: Carlos Buenaventura
Stand-by Art Director: Nia Fausset

Runner: Harry Oliver
Runner: Jamie Walker
Runner: Diana-Dorothee Waschelitz

Background Artists:

Georgie Staight
Judy Gibbons
Raoul Nardin
Glenn Quinn
Clem Nash
Andrew Turner

Edited by Jonathan Stow and Odinn Orn Hilmarsson
Colourist: Chris Teeder.
VFX artist: Olly Crawford