Having released album ‘Pink Fur’ in February, Post War Glamour Girls (or PWGG to their friends) have now unveiled this new, slightly sinister, video for album track ‘Little Land’.

We could write more, but James from the band says it better himself: “I wrote the lyrics when I was working in a call centre and my colleagues thought I wanted to hear about their new settees and how much a motorbike cost to run and all that. Someone was also skipping lunch to save money to buy a new microwave which cracked me up. I also got called a ‘Namby Pamby Lefty’ for expressing disgust at the corporate tax dodging of Amazon and Starbucks and my nickname was Granddad because I read the newspaper on my dinner. A lot of pent up anger in this song…”


Debut album ‘Pink Fur’ available to order on Vinyl, CD and Digital here –


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