vonkonowFinnish art rocker Marko Von Konow has been diddling around the European rock and pop scenes since the late 80s, but his new solo project seems to be the first where he is fully showcasing his talent, classical training and gift for visual artistry to its full potential. Von Konow’s debut album, Lieder, is due out in January, and he has released two singles from said debut so far. “Cosmic” was released in May to critical acclaim. The latest single from the forthcoming Lieder was released just last month on Von Konow’s Soundcloud page and, more importantly, on his Youtube channel as a stunning video.

For lack of a better comparison, the intro to “Horses Run With Me” it sounds vaguely of Manhiem Steamroller. The beat structure is composed of a constant rolling step and is not just performed by the rhythm section. The entire compliment of instruments in “Horses Run With Me” begin with and come back to this beat, which creates the feeling of movement for the listener. Without aid of the video, audiences will easily be able to picture the running horses referenced in the title and chorus. Von Konow’s vocals are purposely a little flattened on this track a’la Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs. The reason for this choice is unknown, since on “Cosmic” it’s evident that Von Konow’s voice is just as well trained as his composition. It’s a little jarring, but doesn’t take away from the overall feel of the track.

The video for “Horses Run With Me” may be the best thing about this track, and will garner even more attention for the burgeoning multimedia artist. With beautiful vistas and a joyful foot race at the end, the video takes this track to an even more evocative and emotive place. His passionate and theatrical videos will likely be the key for Von Konow’s expression to rise above the din of mediocre art rock and into something more emotive and, daresay, mystical.  Click below to see the video and visit Marko Von Konow’s Youtube channel to see the equally striking video for “Cosmic”.