Transparent & Artist-Friendly Music Publishing

If your songs have ever been Performed Live, Streamed, Downloaded, Broadcast, Sync’d, used on YouTube, online or sold physically then you’re owed music publishing royalties.

No hidden fees, no nasty surprises and importantly – no ties, just honest, transparent and artist-friendly Music Publishing.


If you’re not signed up to a music publisher, you really should be. It’s free and easy to sign up and you could be owed royalties already.

Sentric Music‘s 28 day opt-out deal is a complete game changer in Music Publishing. No long-term ties is almost unheard of when it comes to a publishing deal.  It means it’s in their interest to make sure they do their job right and that’s how business should be done.

A typical music publishing deal ties you in for years, and means you could miss out getting signed, this is why this 28 day opt-out is so good!


What is Music Publishing and why is it so difficult?

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About Sentric Music Publishing

Sentric is an independent music publisher for anyone who writes their own songs. If the music you have written has ever been downloaded, streamed, performed live, played on the radio or used on YouTube then you are owed publishing royalties, Sentric collect these royalties directly from around the world, cutting out the middlemen and deliver them back to you.

In short, we chose Sentric Music as our recommended Publisher because…

 – Quarterly royalty payments paid direct to you 

 – Global royalty network – direct collection in over 65 countries

 – Add value to your music with Sync, broadcast and live opportunities 

   – Unique rolling 28-day agreement ‘Love us or leave us’ says a lot about their confidence

Here's a longer version...

  • A totally professional and truly global operation
  • One online account makes life easier and more managed
  • Your songs are registered with Performance Rights Organizations globally
  • Your videos on YouTube will be monetized
  • Your music is available to synchronization clients worldwide
  • Live performance, broadcast claims and products are licensed and royalties collected more efficiently
  • Optimise your neighbouring rights from airplay on radio, TV, bars, restaurants etc.
  • Your royalties are tracked, collected and paid to your online account on a quarterly basis
  • You don’t need to be a member of a collection society, (though we always recommend you are) Sentric do all the legwork ensuring you receive everything available – globally.
  • You can even claim royalties for gigs already played
  • Opportunities to play live gigs at festivals and events with updates via your profile
  • Your music placed on playlists in over 16,000 shops, cafes, bars, flights etc.
  • Access other services to add value to your experience with Sentric


Our team at The Music Site have over 30 years’ experience in music, primarily in the Music Publishing and A&R sector for labels, both Indie and majors, and we’ve looked after the publishing interests of, amongst others, Dire StraitsBob MarleyBeach Boys and The Doors, as well as writers for Michael JacksonTina Turner and a host of others.

The point is, we’ve been around this business a long time so we know how it works, which is why we are qualified to choose, and we strongly and genuinely believe that Sentric Music is the best global Music Publishing service currently out there.

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We created a 360 music platform that supported a fair and transparent 'musiconomy' for the benefit of every musician, creative and music fan.

Unfortunately, without the essential investment necessary to take the project forward, we decided to close the doors.

For all enquiries, please contact:

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