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There’s always an audience – it’s getting them to YOUR event that’s the challenge.

Every year we see hundreds of festivals, and the newer, lesser well known festivals need strong PR & Publicity to compete, to drive sales and create/emphasise the brand. Commitment to a focused PR and Promotion campaign is essential, not only to survive but to expand and grow.

Building a story for a festival helps create a recognisable profile which supports opportunities for gaining vital attention etc. Over the years, our Music Festival and Event PR and Promotion has helped a range of diverse events grow, from the like of The Cambridge Rock Festival to the classics like Twinwood.

Not many festivals have the benefit of a long history like Glastonbury, who now, with size and a ripe history need no PR, selling out almost immediately every year. These events are global music institutions, role models that we all aspire to – but hey, we all got to start somewhere right? They too were unknown once remember!

The important thing about Promotion and PR for events is to start by focusing on the all-important first day of ticket sales, this is the crucial launch period and the time when, building up to that point, communication between promoter and public relations team is vital.

We incorporate broad and effective elements including online promotion, radio, TV and print of course, but it’s important to emphasise the creative aspect of what we add to the mix, for this we find key aspects of the festival that the media will take an interested in.

Naturally this starts most often with the headline acts, but whatever the ‘angle’ we find to focus on, it needs consideration and creativity to complement the PR and to target the right audience, and not, as is so often seen, pointless non-targeted broad-blast ideas that look good on paper but don’t drive sales efficiently. Everything (and I mean ‘everything’) needs to be considered, every opportunity looked into, literally from the toilets if necessary! [don’t look too closely here tho] through the array of sideshows maybe, location anomalies… anything we can utilise to grab attention and spark interest.

We might divide everything up and find a niche area that will also attract specific media interest, we’ll look at each subject in detail to find a story we can develop. Take into account one of the most important initial aspect of any story -the photo, we can help with this if you need photography and/or design support.

One of our favourite creative ideas from a previous boutique festival we supported, included the somewhat hilarious act of supplying headphones to the sheep in a nearby field so they did not get bothered by the banging tunes from the local dance festival. Crazy but effective!

If you’re looking to promote an event you’re already running, old or new, or you thnking about starting a new one and want to ensure the PR and Promotion sid eof things are done properly, we’re here to help. Just get in touch below, tell us a little about you and we’ll be in touch with some advice and how to move forward.

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