Music Marketing Services

Marketing isn’t just creating demand – it’s also about being market-ready.

Before you even start to think about promoting your music, it is essential that you, as a ‘product’, are fully prepared and optimised to make the most of every marketing opportunity created. We can work with you on all levels of your media profile, from image and branding to creative video exposure.

It’s vital to get everything correct and in place prior to any release, heres a few things you may need to consider…

Image is everything. In fact it’s almost just as importnat as the music. So you may need to get your promotional CDs designed professionally, maybe have a crazy new logo design, or maybe need some top quality photography for your band.

You may be completely overwhelmed by the demands of creating and managing effective social networking (yes managing – it’s an ongoing job!), we can help with as much or as little as you need. Our team can help you set up your broad and efficient online presence, optimise your content or help with video.

Is it necessary to work with one of our re-mixers or producers to create the correct radio edit or extended cut if targeting radio play.

Does your opportunity need some attention with publishing and/or label contacts etc. We can help, we have years of experience and can represent you professionally at any level.

In summary…

Deciding what you need, getting it structured and making it manageable is a fundamental starting point for any marketing campaign, and it’s vital that all these factors are organised and managed in a coherent and professional manner. If you’re serious about your music, you should have all intentions to doing it right. YOU are a business, not just a artist.

The point is… whatever you need, big or small, we’re here to help and support you with our years of experince.

Our bespoke Music Marketing service allows you to decide your own budget for a release pattern, which may consist of one or multiple releases. These would generally be developed in ten week patterns where there would be a Single and EP, or Single and Album, or if you prefer just a Single release.

We work with you to then build up attention and exposure, we discuss how this is impacting on social networking, traffic factoring, views, likes etc. and we create a dedicated campaign that allows us to build bespoke robustly from the ground up.

If you are an established artist, already benefitting from a strong following that’s great! Let us work with this to optimise the momentum for that all important breakthrough release that can have major labels contacting you.

If you’re interested in our Music Marketing service and really want to make sure you follow tried and tested methods, saving you time time and money in ht elong run AND gets the exposure you need, get in touch below. Tell us a little about you, what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll get in touch with a plan to move forward!

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