The 10-Week Campaign (Breakdown)

Here is a full detailed week by week breakdown of a typical 10 week PR campaign for developing artists and brands.

To get the best results and maximum impact, a typical Music PR Campaign is around 10 weeks. However, as mentioned previously this can be less depending on your budget and requirements. The build up to a first release should deliver a quantity of coverage in different areas of media including radio, digital, print and even social media if you choose.

This aim of this campaign is to build a controlled momentum. This can be done through involving websites, blogs or broadcast outlets that we write for, or have direct links with, that can immediately feature your music and get you out there quickly. So by delivering a series of realistic online features at first, we can create a base level of information that reflects what you wish the media to know about you so you can be portrayed in the best possible light. After this period of roughly two weeks, the campaign would move rapidly into various aspects of radio coverage in order for you to grow your presence as an artist and expand awareness of you and your music.

10 Week Campaign – Breakdown

This is an outline of a typical 10-week campaign which may be condensed to fit your budget and timeline, with examples of targets. Each campaign is tailored to the artist and will vary to optimise what is appropriate for each individual act which, will have been discussed by you and the team, focusing on your artist questionnaire, and you’ll agree all the main focused opportunities at radio, online, press etc.

 If you then wished to look at the long term and release another single, for example, this would be discussed with the team and set up around week 8 of the first stage.


Starting the campaign – Press release writing.

Interaction with our in house journalist to create copy based on information provided with the questionnaire that we post on our music sites, company blogs and relevant sites we write for to create the profile you wish to see and which the next stage media can see to help us grow coverage rapidly.

Online postings on sites where we share your video links, music links and press release. Plus you provide us with content relating to your band or act and we aim to get this featured on as many relevant first stage sites to build the correct reference points for future releases. You also provide us with your own reviews of gigs that you perform which we can adapt through the campaign and put onto sites.

Once we have created a press release and it has been approved by you, we immediately start sending it out to our sites and our reliable blog contacts that we have direct access to via our in-house writers to get the press release and relevant narratives straight away. In the first couple of weeks you will start to see an online buzz being created. During this period the other team members will prepare for bigger angled media that we need to gain traction with later in the campaign.

During this period we also reach out to local media specific to your region and hence have a direct link to.

Now the release is beginning to gain traction and exposure online the team will be looking to build on this by introducing the artist to larger, relevant hype machine type music blogs and websites. At this stage we will be pushing for (interviews, special features, reviews, video postings and news pieces about the artist and forthcoming release.)

Our experience working with such a wide range of acts and genres means we have contacts with endless blogs and websites that will be interested in reviewing and featuring news about the release. This is when we really start getting some true feedback about your music, and sets the seeds for targeting the bigger online sites and publications

We then begin to approach broader radio outlets from digital, online instore, regional radio, once the online coverage has started to gain traction, these will include, regional BBC and other network stations, community, student, hospital & online, we also ask that clients upload their own music to sites likes BBC Introducing & Fresh On The Net where they can be picked up by other producers. We will be looking to put the tracks forward to the relevant shows / producers and initially try to get spot plays before trying to see if we can get the track put on rotation which generally is more realistic within the second stage release period with a subsequent release pattern depending on the level and history of the artist. We will also look to gain interviews generally via Skype. Some stations also have options for artists to be able to do live sessions so this is something we will be able to put the client forward for.

At radio it’s about letting producers know that they are being introduced to an artist that stands a chance and is serious about developing and is looking at the long term. For an emerging artist with a first release, raising producers and presenters awareness is important aiming to open doors for sessions and spot plays to build links and offset the fact that you as an artist may be still seeking frontline label support hence the QG brand in the eyes of our contacts acts as a substitute and helps develop play . As further release patterns follow, we endeavour for interest and support to grow.

An example of some of the regional/internet beyond the regional BBC stations we will approach include the likes of:

Audio Graffiti, Eava FM, ICR FM, Hayes FM, Marlow FM, Croydon Radio, BCFM London, One Radio, WCRFM, Demon FM, RAM Air, Tropical FMTV, Blyth Valley Radio, Hospital Radio Medway, Bolton FM, Switch Radio, Moorlands FM


Around weeks 2 to 5

We look to contact the artist’s regional media in the UK (regionally specific magazines, newspapers, online sites and broadcast) to see if we can arrange features, interviews, news pieces, live music/gig mentions spot play, playlists/sessions etc.

During this time, if you have a video that you are interested in promoting, we suggest that you let us know early on so we can advise you on the suitable route for you to take and work with the team on instore street level video plays, student, mainstream or online viral style development. Examples of target areas would be, in-store shopping centres, gyms, student bars, in-flight entertainment as well as the core music channels. It must be remembered that all major channels are inundated with front line videos hence the better the video the better the chances of getting it seen.


Around week 6 to 10

This far into the campaign the team will be looking towards frontline media feedback, exposure etc. and the key targets outlined within the questionnaire that everyone agreed upon aiming for us to gain feedback, plays, features etc. at the start of the campaign when discussions were had with the team. Hence National radio the likes of, Amazing, 1Xtra, 6 Music, Kerrang!, Jazz FM etc. depending on your musical genre and agreed targets.

We target relevant DJ’s and producers for your track. If the track has playlist potential it can be delivered to the Heads Of Music at national radio outlets generally this is discussed in the second release pattern as with greater attention in the media there will be a better chance of greater broadcast attention as an artist in the very early stages of their release patterns will be up against all the major acts for a handful of playlists so building campaign foundations are key.

We have good relationships with companies that deliver music to national stores, supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, hotels etc. At this stage in the campaign, if the track is appropriate for these outlets we will send for consideration.

Outlets include: ASDA, Dunelm, Cost Cutter, Top Tiles, Burger King, Centre Parks, House Of Fraser, Moto, Dobbies Garden Centre and more.

Another aim during this period is target various radio outlets and online TV portals for live music sessions. Depending on the artists sound the team will look to pick the most appropriate station or channel to put you forward for.

We work with clients from classical backgrounds right thought to metal, pop, rap, county and R&B and have a broad range of relationships with national frontline journalists at magazines and newspapers. The key press targets agreed within the campaign questionnaire will now be fully pushed with the aim of getting reviews, features and gossip etc.

As well as looking at traditional music press such as Classic Rock, NME, Shindig, Clash and many more, our team have a strong reputation for our creative stories and unique hooks. We work closely with our clients to develop creative ideas to excite the media and have a proven track record of getting our stories regularly covered in the UK press. These stories are usually based on a client’s first hand experiences , these types of stories can strike a real chord with the national press. The more information you give us within the questionnaire the more our team can give you feedback as to where they feel the stories behind the music can hit home.

This might not be something suitable for every client as it depends on what information the client is able to give us including images to back up stories and factual information.

In week 8

We’ll arrange for you to have a discussion with the team regarding the next release and plans moving forward if you so wish, so that we are already building to a next phase and greater media penetration.

During this time, the team can begin to make arrangements if required to prepare for the next release and help to make professional decisions about the progression of the artist.


In week 10

The final week, we’ll be chasing up on all media contacted ready to submit final press reports, the team will be looking to make sure that all the services and media we have agreed upon have been targeted and are re-targeted to make sure we leave no stone unturned.

With a second release period, we will look to develop a more definitive strategy focusing on bigger features and media areas, for example, playlists. The emphasis shifts to key frontline targets whilst the first release pattern is about building the correct foundations within the media. Another key component is developing a bigger ‘hook’ or angle where appropriate in order to increase potential media stories and exposure, which we know is vital from our years of creating stories that are capable of hitting the national headlines and building fan bases.

If you’re interested in our PR Campaign for developing artists, get in touch below with some info about you, links to your music, the budget you’re working with and any other info, and we’ll get back to you to dicuss your aims, requirements and what we can do to get your music or brand oin front of a new audience

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