When it comes to securing a deal in the Music Industry, whether it’s with a venue or promoter, a potential band manager or agent, or even a small record label looking to sign you up, covering yourself is important and one of our ‘ready to edit’ music contracts will do just that.

Perhaps you’re starting to gain that desired success and find there’s an increasing amount of money involved, substantial or not, you need to be covered by some form of music contract.

Here you’ll find template music contracts written for just about every possible situation in the business. Created by our legal team to be used almost ‘as-is’, all you have to do is fill in the blanks. However, we do strongly recommend you use these as a starting point, a template for you to mold to your own specific requirements and situation.

These music contracts are not meant to be, nor are they provided as, generic solutions for individual situations. It’s always recommended to seek suitable legal advice.

Get started by choosing the category below to download a music contract that best suits your needs!


Music Contract Categories

Band & Group Contracts

Band & Group Contracts

Internal contracts relevant to your band or group such as formalizing members roles and responsibilities, as well as agreements with managers, agents, promoters, studios, producers, venues etc.

Music & Musician Contracts

Music & Musician Contracts

General performance agreements, management and agent agreements, joining of band members as well as, if you write music, there are music contracts for the outright sale, part use, royalty share etc. and to hire music writing services.

Singer & Vocalist Contracts

Singer & Vocalist Contracts

In this section you’ll find agreements for singers and vocalists including management and agent agreements, providing your services to a band or group, studio work and more.

DJ & MC Contracts

DJ & MC Contracts

Music contracts for collaborating on joint DJ/MC sets or studio productions, management and agent agreements as well as contracting the use of your sets, productions and remixes.

Lyrics & Lyricist Contracts

Lyrics & Lyricist Contracts

If you’re a lyricist you’ll need to protect your rights. In this section you’ll find music contracts to help you buy, sell or agree the use of your lyrics as well as hiring your services as a lyricist.

Song & Songwriter Contracts

Song & Songwriter Contracts

If you’re a songwriter you’ll need to protect your rights. Here you will find music contracts to do with the outright sale, part use, royalty share etc. as well as hiring your services as a songwriter.

Venue & Event Organiser Contracts

Venue & Event Organiser Contracts

Whether you’re a venue, an event organiser or promoter, or someone looking to hire one of the aforementioned, in this section you’ll find music contracts to cover many potential situations and requirements – for both parties.