It is critically essential to promote your music output to get saturating exposure and find the best yielding results to make the biggest, strongest impact.  If you are looking for the very best and most effective locations to viably place your music to get the highest return, these are the places to look at first.

We have compiled the top recommended routes to find success and to promote your music to save you the time trialing less productive avenues.

Here are our 25 Best Places to Promote Your Music Online:



This a highly recognisable site and for good reason, it supports artists with stellar music hosting to an extremely high standard and gives musicians plenty of data to work with to keep them informed.


Soundcloud offers such an easy format to share audio to so many across so many platforms.  This could be a pivotal way to build new fans as you grow.


One of the most visible streaming music services, Spotify has most every artist in its libraries so this is one you definitely need to be on.  With clever tools for finding new music, your band could easily be found one a regular basis by new fans searching in the same genre.


Bandsintown is the largest website for finding concerts and touring bands, its very user friendly and an easy method to get the tour dates posted to your fans on Facebook, your own website and more.


ReverbNation is a social network that is focused on the business side of the music industry.  It offers pages to not only artists and bands, but others in the industry like venues, promotors, etc so could be helpful if you are looking to find more avenues to get exposure through other people and organisations.


Songkick is a great place to have a presence so that fans can track your tour dates and purchase tickets, all on one website.  It helps them stay connected and there are focused cities so fans can follow you in your area.


YouTube is still the best place to stream video of the band but also a great place for new fans to find you.  Plus, it’s the top site for fans to share your music to their own profiles and platforms.


Instragram, which is owned by Facebook, is a great way to add more photo content from events and gigs, that is then linked to your Facebook account and Twitter.  Its yet another opportunity to keep things fresh and promote your music from another angle.

Reddit Music

The Reddit Music thread can be an incredible boost for bands and can provide real feedback that can at times be a bit unfiltered.  However, Reddit is arguably THE place for things to go viral and your band could be discovered and shared in this open community where things seem to take on a life of their own.


On a par with Facebook, or just under, Twitter is the go-to for News in real time.  It can provide more up-to-date news for fans and create a more interactive feel to keeping in touch with you fanbase.

Music Blogs & Magazines

There are many online music magazines and websites that look to promote new artists so seeking them out and spreading the word with as many as you can will always provide the opportunity to connect with new fans.  For example, we here at The Music Site promote new and emerging artists liberally and are always looking to help new bands get their start.


Dozmia is another version of the streaming music module and becoming increasingly popular.  As it a somewhat newer player, there can be benefits for newer bands which could boost your exposure. And as the app offers suggestions to those who like music similar to yours, you could get wider saturation than you thought ever possible! is a brilliant platform for artists to stage live concerts from their laptop!  Plus, there are ways to monetize so that fans can pay to watch the concert directly in order to support the artists next steps whether it’s a new album or building revenue for an upcoming tour.  It offers an intimate experience for fans that really connects the artists to their fanbase.

Your Own Website

This is the first starting point for having a band, you need a place to promote your music that you are solely in control of and can monitor the content easily and ably. There are free music sites out there which offer a great alternative, but you should always have your own official band website for your fans to find you.

Bandwagon (UK only)

Similar to Bandsintown, this is a UK based site which is truly a great platform for getting the word out there of your band’s touring plans.


FanDistro is an amazing way to create more social media engagement. And, when you create a FanDistro project page, you are offering another way for fans to get involved and feel like they are connecting more directly and engaging with the process of the band as a whole.


An Electronic Press Kit, EPK or Press Kit, is an essential digital package that all artists or creatives should have. It is your calling card for the music industry and it used as your digital business card.

TIP: Our musician profile makes a perfect EPK to send, and it’s free!

We based our musician profile on what an EPK should include so that you can use it as your EPK to send to your music contacts, plus you can easily keep it up-to-date! Get started on your own EPK.


There are loads of festivals to choose from, with an ever-increasing amount added every year. You know the big ones but what about trying ones closer to home and getting a more immediate fanbase built?  Festivals come in all sizes and genres, so spread yourselves out and apply to several, they are a wonderful vehicle to find and interact with fans who are already there to share in a musical experience.

Your Own Music Blog

Again, similar to your own website, your blog is where you can create a more detailed story of what is happening with your band and where you can discuss other bands in your genre and even cross promote or review. Let your creativity open up to get the most out of this platform.


PledgeMusic is a great way to simultaneously raise money for your upcoming release, tour etc while creating and fostering your fan base.  This platform engages for fans throughout the process and makes your journey feel inclusive and can get an income stream started from an early stage of the process as well.

MailChimp for Mailing Lists

This is a great site for handling your mailing list to fans.  Email is still the most efficient route to reaching fans when you want them to be in-the-know. Social media is great but sometimes there are specific details that may get missed.

Apple Music/iTunes

This is the go-to for all Apple products, and Apple Music and iTunes and most believe it has the largest online music library in the world.  And, Apple Music applies the same rule of suggesting music and discovering new bands based on the users preferences. So, given how many people use Apple products, this could be a vital tool to reaching new fans looking for music in their preferred genre.

Google Alerts for Gig and Event Notifications

This is an essential tool for bands to be set up on the band’s name.  You can find out what is being posted about your band and all mention of your band across any platform.  It will give you a great summary of what people think and saying in their reviews and posts which can be valuable feedback.


Facebook, without a doubt, is the biggest social network, and it is expected that your band should have a presence here.  This is often the first place people look so be to have a strong, often-updated profile, its essential to creating a strong interaction with fans.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts have grown in popularity especially as they can then be immediately uploaded to YouTube.  It could be a great place to promote your music while gathering with fans and getting a bit of ‘buzz’ going!

As you can see, there are an abundance of places to promote your music and it is best to do so liberally.  One format is not enough, finding many places to source fans and connections is essential to success. There may be some testing necessary to see what works best for your genre along with user friendliness, but ultimately, being present across many formats is crucial to get plenty of coverage for your band and promote your music as much as possible.


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