Acquiring a blue tick on Spotify can be a brilliant way to gain more traction to your music and boots your streams overall! Thanks to Spotify for Artists, you no longer need 250+ followers in order to get your blue tick on the streaming platform.

But before we take a look at the tips on how to get verified, lets see how beneficial being verified is.

– You’re able to submit and create artist playlists.

– Your Spotify followers are automatically transferred to your artist page from your previous account.

– You’re able to customise your artist profile and gain access to fan insights.

– And not forgetting, that blue tick looks great next to your artist name.

Below are some tips you’ll need to follow so you’re able to get your blue tick, so what are you waiting for?

(1) Make your music live on Spotify. 

To apply for verification you’ll need to make sure you have your own artist profile and that your music is live, once you have these set up you can apply for your tick. You don’t need to worry about the number of followers you have, this is pretty much irrelevant.

(2) Access to Spotify for Artists.

You’ll need access to Spotify for Artists in order to obtain your blue tick and get verified on Spotify. Spotify for Artists offers a variety of insights and systematic tips for artists to get to know your audience better, alongside the chance to get verified. Spotify for Artists is available for all artists and artist management teams. Spotify for Artists allows its users to customise and update your artist profiles, also allowing you to see the locations of your listeners.

(3) Wait for your verification.

There’s no specific time frame that it takes for your blue tick to appear on your profile, so be patient. If you’ve signed up to Spotify for Artists successfully you’ve one step closer to being verified, no other steps to follow, just wait for your tick. After being verified, you’ll gain access to several tools that will be beneficial to you as an artist.

Good luck!