The Internet is getting increasingly saturated with the various fragmented musician platforms. This can be a good thing because fans will always have ways to communicate with you, but when it comes to music press it can be frustrating to navigate through all the various places which are scattered throughout the web just to find what they need.

We know first hand the struggle and pain it is trying to gather information on musicians for a news pieces, reviews, even opportunities! It’s essential that as an artist, band or musician, your band website or the place you call home (your profile on The Music Site…) has everything that music press and journalists want and need.

With that in mind, ensuring your band website is ready for press, here’s a few tips you should follow:

  • You should have a website/single place (The Music Site Profile) that makes it easy for people in the industry to see all relevant information about you and your music such as music, pictures, tour dates, videos, news social links and of course a little about you.
  • The content should be well organised so navigation is simple and easy.
  • The content must be up-to-date.
  • It should be easy to locate your content such as social links, events calendar, music player, press page and contact page.
  • The site should give a great first impression. Make sure you have a good photo, font, logo, quotes etc. You only get one chance at this and you want them to come back!
  • Do not have hundreds of pop-ups or ads that bombard the user.
  • Make it mobile-friendly! People now access the internet from many devices with different screen sizes. You should make sure as many people as possible can use your site no matter what device they are on.

The website should be a place you can call home and a hub for all information about you.

Sites like Bandcamp, Facebook and YouTube are all excellent but it is not YOUR website. You shouldn’t spread your content and presence all over the place and expect someone in the music industry to piece it all together. CONSOLIDATE! You could make a page that has everything a blogger, journalist, talent scout or promoter will need in one place, this will make it easier for them to make a decision about your music.

You will need a central hub for all your content if you’re going to be taken seriously as a professional

If a music journalist visits your website and it doesn’t give a good impression they are probably going to pass on you. They receive so many emails from musicians asking for there time that if they have to do additional research on you they will more than likely move onto someone else. Make yours count!

TIP: We created ‘The Music Site‘ to be everything a band needs for all the above. A fully populated profile on The Music Site means all of your media (Pictures, Videos and of course Music), all of your Music Events (past and future), Lyrics, Music News, Blog, Social Activity AND all of your information about you including Social Links, Contact Info and more.

What’s more is it’s presented in a stylish, clean and user-friendly manner!

So if you haven’t already, get yourself a Free Profile on The Music Site Here >