The internet has undoubtedly changed the way the world works. This is true for the musical world as well. Artists no longer have to wait around for a big break to make it. Gone are the days when artists used to wait for a few handful labels to believe in their talent, and then traditional media like TV and Radios to play their music.

There are number of online distributors who could distribute the music of artists across various stores. However, a key issue which is being addressed by internet is “discovery” of the new music. With the advent of internet and specialized sites for music, artists and bands are no more dependent only on getting a break on TV and Radio. The internet has provided the artists with the platform to share their work with world. They can reach out to basically a worldwide audience, credit to the World Wide Web.

When artists are just starting out, they are still exploring and discovering, and the internet provides the much needed inspiration for such budding artists. This further provides them with the freedom to experiment with different genres instead of the limitations imposed by the traditional label deals. As a result, musicians from all walks of the spectrum i.e. from established artists to neophytes have come to embrace the blessings of the internet.

The internet has boldly changed the way in which an artist can make, manage, market and sell his/her music. Hence, the independent music industry is experiencing a flourish of new artists budding every single day. The success stories of most of these indie artists are fueling the rise and appreciation of new talent from all walks of life. The internet also provides the artists with the opportunity to discover other artists and this not only acts as inspiration but also motivates collaborations between them. It’s almost as if doubling up on the target audience.

Platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud are the Holy Grail for artists and play a major role in helping an artist to make a name and recognition for him/her self. The latest entrant to this business, SongDew is proving to be THE platform for indie artists in India. Whether you’re a solo artist, music composer, singer, or band, it provides every artist with unbiased and equal opportunities to form a following. You can release your music, manage your community and explore myriad genres all on the same platform. The artists could simply upload their audio tracks or music videos on SongDew and the recommendation of SongDew helps the music to reach right audience. Further, SongDew is also helping artists in getting revenue making opportunities including performing live and creating music for brands. If internet is the flood, SongDew is proving to be Noah’s Ark to new artists in India.

The fan-following and appreciation that artists get because of platforms like SongDew, SoundCloud and YouTube forms the basis for them and improves their chances of being spotted by music festivals, event organizers and even Bollywood producers.