Below are a few mistakes a lot of musicians and artists make within their music career. We’ve highlighted them so you can AVOID them and get the most when successfully building your brand.

Create a plan: A high percentage of indie artists release music on a regular basis but have no plan in place to track how successful it is. It’s a slim chance you’re going to break the music charts if you have no plan in place and keep tabs on everything you release and how well it does. Make sure you have things in place before you release new music, for example promote your new single/album on all of your social media accounts. This lets your fan base know about the upcoming release, when it’s out and where to find it.

Create as many tracks as you want but don’t release them so close together, spread them out with a few months between each one. Lyric videos are great to get fans hyped for your upcoming release. Releasing a lyric video before your official music video gets people into the track before it’s officially dropped which can increase future sales.

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Prioritise Social Media: If you’re trying to make it in the music industry you need to act like it, meaning you NEED to invest time in your social media accounts. Fans want to know what you’re working on and what you’re up to so posting regular content is a MUST! One post every other day is no good, you want to build your fan base and in order to do this you need to post regular content.

No one wants to visit a page that hasn’t had a recent post in the last month, it’s not recent and people will click off straight away. Also choose your content wisely, pictures and videos are likely to get more clicks than a written paragraph. Posting about your current assignment keeps your fans interested and up to date with what you’re doing and they’ll begin to feel part of it.

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Be YOU: As an artist it’s important you display who YOU are to your fans, don’t hide behind your music like other artists do. It’s important to be who you are from the get go in order to build your brand and expand your fan base. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but then again who is?

Post content that relates to you and your life, like selfies when you’re in the studio or on the road. Upload and release behind the scenes videos so fans can see what it’s like behind the camera. Interviews and Q&A’s are great for others to see who you are as a person and will make them feel more connected to you through things like this.