Email marketing is a great thing to do in order to help you monetize as a musician, however it can be a struggle to get the hang of. Don’t look at email marketing in a complicated way otherwise you’ll confuse yourself, you just need to know where to begin in order to get started.

Below are some recommendations for you to use and follow when setting up an email list for all of your fans.

Firstly you can’t send out regular updates if you have no one to send them to, this means you need emails from your fans. There are a variety of ways you acquire these email addresses:

– Embed a signup form on your Official Website that pops up when people enter your site. This can easily be set up and it only takes fans a few seconds to enter their email address to sign up.

– Post the link to your sign up form on all of your social profiles so fans can access the form in one simple click, plus they can also share the post increasing the amount of people likely to sign up.

– If you’re playing regular shows don’t miss the opportunity to get some extra emails. Have a sheet at your merchandise table where fans can jot down their email to get regular updates about your music and upcoming shows. If  they’re there t watch you it’s highly likely they’ll sign up, if they haven’t already.

– Some musicians offer a download code in exchange for an email address from fan. The code is usually for a single or track that hasn’t yet been released, this is a good way to entice fans into signing up to your newsletter.

Secondly, once you’ve created your email list you need to focus on the content in which you will send to them. Setting up an automatic ‘Welcome’ email is always a great way to break the ice with your fans and let them know the sorts of things they’ll be getting in your newsletter. But what sort on ceontent can you put in your news letter? Take a look at the suggestions below:

– Your fans will always want to know when they can check you out at one of your gigs, so send them information about any upcoming shows you’re doing. Target the fans that are located in areas you will be performing and tell them home hyped you are to be performing there!

– Fans love exclusivity so don’t pass up the opportunity to offer your fans exclusive access in someway. This could be access to early release tickets for a gig to all fans that are signed up to your newsletter, or prime access to your latest release….before you’ve released it.

– Tell your fans about the merchandise you have on offer in case they didn’t check out your stall at your gig. Merch can be one of the main money earners for artists so don’t neglect it by not advertising it to your fans. Send fans updates about new merch you’ve got coming in and let them know when more stock has come in, someone may have wanted a t-shirt at your gig but you ran out of that specific size.

– Fans are dedicated to supporting you and have a huge interest in your music, so why not share behind the scenes material with them. Things like setting up to record your new album or what you did in your free time on tour. Fans want to get closer to artists they like and behind the scenes pictures, videos and interviews are a great way for them to do this.

So there you go! Above you have primary steps to setting up your email list and some great ideas of what to include in your newsletter. Once you’ve got in the swing of keeping your fans updated you will think of new and more creative ways to get the most out of your mailing list.

(Feature Image – Pixabay)