With major streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify available today, it can be difficult for independent artists to sell their music. Below are ways that can help artists to distribute their music online which is not only effective but can also grow their fan-base, generate a higher income and create a bigger presence online.

Sell music through your website:

The easiest way to sell your music online is through your website. All artists have, or should have, a website that enables fans to buy their music directly from their website. If you’re an emerging artist, fans are more than likely to head to your website in order to get your latest album.


A lot of mainstream artists upload a new song/music video to their YouTube account and add a link for fans to buy it. This idea is not only simple, it’s free. Use your YouTube account to an advantage and add your social and downloads links, it will increase the traffic to your website and boost your album/single sales.


Fans are now able to pre-order your latest album months before it’s been released, it’s something they love! Pre-orders can be sold as physical or digital copies on iTunes and via your website. They also create free advertising, if a fan pre-orders your album they are likely to post about it on their social media accounts which then informs others of the upcoming release and could lead to potential sales.

Sale pricing:

Linked to pre-orders, sale pricing can increase sales through your own website. Use merchandise and limited edition items to drive album sales, for example the first 50 people who buy your new album via your website get a signed copy and a poster. Advertise limited edition items, e.g. a gold vinyl of your greatest hits, this motivates fans to buy it as they will be one of the few people who own it.

Mailing lists: 

On your website, you should include the option for fans to sign up to your weekly/monthly newsletter. Again, this is a free way to advertise new products/music that you have released, it also reminds fans about any upcoming events. Newsletters can also include your social links and links to download your music, this also helps to expand your fan base and increase your music sales.

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.


Discount offers are great at giving people a nudge in the right direction, meaning they end up buying your product. When people sign up to your newsletter it never harms giving new comers a little gift, like ‘20% off’ when they buy your new album. This satisfies the consumer and benefits you, it’s a win-win. It also increases the chance of the fan purchasing new items in the future.

Back catalogue deals: 

Every band/artist had to start somewhere and the notebook you write your first song in has been long forgotten, but USE IT! Fans love things that are limited and original, they don’t always want what everyone else has. Try selling or even auctioning things from back in the day on your website, you could do this for your 5th or 10th anniversary as a band.

Digital + physical bundles:

Bundles may be cheaper as fans get more for their money but you’re likely to find the more you sell the more you make. If your new album is £10 and your merchandise cap is £8, create a bundle for £13. You lose £5 but with more sales as a bundle you’ll end up breaking even. Digital bundles are also popular, if a fan orders the digital download for your album they could also receive exclusive interviews or three music videos with it.