In an increasingly multi-media world, many music fans want more than just their ears stimulated (don’t we all) by new music. They also want the inside track on the musicians, their tours, their new haircuts and all sorts of other things. Social media has been a great tool in allowing fans this more in depth look into their favourite bands, but one social media tool often overlooked by musicians is Instagram.

Allowing members to create feeds of captioned photographs for their followers, it’s a quick and convenient way of keeping your fans involved in your world with just the click of a photo and a quick caption. Rehearsals, songwriting sessions, gig setups – any time you’re working on something musical is an opportunity to engage your fans, and it helps that the app comes complete with those cool filters too (to make everything look a lot more photogenic than it probably is).

So, get on Instagram and get sharing. A few things to remember:

  • Make sure your username is relevant and memorable
  • Ensure your account isn’t set to ‘private’…
  • Keep the picture quality and interest high – make sure the shots are interesting, and not just of your band. Anything you think your followers might want to actively share is a good thing.
  • Always add an illuminating caption – without context, pictures are just pictures. Also, close links between Instagram and Twitter make hashtags a useful tool, don’t forget to include them.
  • Don’t just broadcast – engage. By commenting on others’ photos and following feeds you will pick up followers of your own.
  • Embed your instagram feed onto your website along with a ‘Follow’ button – that way it’s automatic content creation for the site, and accessible to fans.

All of the the above might seem obvious to many Instagram users, but you would be surprised how many people get the basics wrong. Happy snapping!