The year is 2018 and you have been given a gig opportunity. What would be the best way to advertise this gig? Social media has given musicians from all walks of life a major advantage in advertising their personalities, music and gigs. One particular social networking site will help you loads in telling the public about your gig.

Here’s the great thing about using Facebook events to advertise your gig- it’s free! Just as long as you have a Facebook account, you can create public events and share them around for free. Facebook events are quick and easy to create and the layout makes it easy and straightforward for the public to look at and follow.

With your public Facebook event, you have to make sure you write in all the important information about your gig:

  • Event photo or video; have a photo of everyone performing, or if you have a leaflet for your gig then you can use that too.


  • Event Name; so the public know what they are going to


  • Location; the address and postcode


  • Start time; be sure to state when the doors open and when the actual performance will start


  • End time (approximate);one of us are really sure when gigs will end but it would be good to have an approximation so people can plan their journeys home, especially when they have to use public transport


  • Details/ description; so here’s where you can add information about you and your band or any other performers. It would also be a good idea to post ticket prices (if there are any), or if you will just accept donations. It’s also useful to add any tube stations or buses that will take people to your gig location and if there are any parking spaces available.

Musicians normally advertise their gigs on Facebook about a month beforehand to allow people time to make sure they can available for it. You should try to engage with your audience and aim to post in your event a few times before it happens, especially the week leading up to your gig to make sure people remember your event. You could post reminders about your event or maybe even audio or video recordings of you rehearsing – just something to hype up your gig.