Social media platforms are on the rise, with various platforms around for specific needs in regards to what the consumer may want. From platforms that allow us to communicate from across the world, to streaming services that let us listen to our favourite song at the click of a button.

There are many sites beneficial to artists and musicians, whether they want to promote their newest material or simply to keep in contact with their fans. Facebook and Twitter are most likely springing to mind, however there are new and evolving platforms that are equally as favorable.

Connecting with People

Facebook – A platform that has changed communication drastically in the past decade allows individuals, bands/artists and business’ to promote and update others on what they are doing. Fans can ‘Like’ and follow their favourite artists to receive regular updates either via a message or wall posts. 

Twitter – Twitter gives you just 140 characters in order for you to update your followers on what you’re doing, what you’re working on or when your next gig is. Short and sweet.

MySpace – Having taken a bit of a backseat over the years, MySpace allows users to connect with others that are in the music industry. It also allows people to post content such as videos, pictures and music and, again, keep people updated about upcoming events.

TwitMusic – Devised by Twitter, TwitMusic is a social marketing platform aimed at music lables and artists to engage with their fans and increase music sales over Twitter.

Tumblr – Allows individuals to express themselves by posting pictures, videos, ‘GiFs’ and quotes for followers to see.

Instagram – Similar to Timblr, Instagram allows users to post pictures and videos for their followers to see. Followers can also like and comment on each post.

YouTube – Lets users create and upload videos, e.g. music videos, lyrics videos, trailers etc.

Soundcloud – Is a free streaming services that allows users to upload their music to share with others.

Connect to Music 

Spotify – Allows you to create music playlists that you can share with others, personalize your own Spotify page and listen to playlists that your friends have created.

8tracks – Is a streaming/social media platform that lets users create playlists to share with others using at least 8 tracks. – Bringing together various music services and combine sharing, listen and watching to ‘connect your musical world’. 

Finding Your Market

Fanbridge – Connects artists with their fans and also offers promotions and deals to fans if they’re members.

Eventful – Lets bands/artists to add an upcoming event to the platform so people can find it and all the other relevant details.

ReverbNation – Allows artists to communicate with those in the music industry along with other artists. The platform can help artists become more involved and well known on the music scene.

OurStage – Gives artists the opportunity to promote and share their music while building relationships with fans, other artists and those in the industry.

All of the platforms above benefit artists and help them to promote their music and gain traction. They also help artists to regularly update and build relationships within their fan base.