Some may argue that merchandise is very hard to sell at gigs, but are you going about it the right way?

Below are three quick and easy steps that bands and artists can do when selling merchandise at your next gig. Yes artists like Drake and Rihanna wouldn’t be using these rules, but if you’re an emerging and independent artists these tips will be great for you!

(1) Set your stand up early. Make sure you your merchandise stands is one of the first things you set up and the last thing you take down. Setting up beforehand increases your chances of bagging some pre-gig sales and gives people an idea of what they can purchase once the show is over. Keep presentation in mind when you’re setting up, people are more likely to come over and look if it’s appealing to the eye. Keep your stand up once you’re finished performing, people like a memento of things they’ve been to and tend to cash out more after events.

(2) Have someone working the stand throughout the show. Ask a friend to help out on your merchandise stand while you’re performing on stage. Having someone on the stand while you perform closes potential sales from fans that are taking a look at your merch mid-show. Sweeten the deal. Don’t manipulate your friends kindness, off them a small fee or a cut of your profits for working your stand. Having someone on the stand all the time is likely to increase your sales anyway which potentially makes them the ‘money-maker’. Also, if you pay your merch promoter they are likely to be up for doing future events for you.

(3) YOU should be at the stand. Once your show is complete and you’ve done you encore, head to your merch stand and interact with your fans. Don’t rush backstage where you’ll most likely stay as you can’t make money there. Head to the merch stand and help to promote your merchandise, the outcome will be worth it when you’ve sold all of your CDs and t-shirts.

These tips can help you encourage your merchandise sales, expand your fan base and increase networking between you and your fans.