Fans want to feel close to the artists and bands they follow, they want to know about your background and how you got into music. Your bio page is the place they go to find this out, it’s the front page they’ll look at before venturing any further, so make sure it’s of good standard.

Think about what your fans and others visiting your page will want to see. No one wants to take time out to find out a bit about you if there’s nothing to read, they won’t end up revisiting you page. Take action and put things in place that will engage others and make them want to learn about you and your music.

Take a look at the list below at what you should include when creating, or updating, your bio page.

Upload a Photo: Whether it is your social media pages, i.e. Facebook/Twitter, or your personal website uploading a photo is a must! People want to see what you look like, what your style is, so they can put a face to your music. Make sure it’s good quality and possibly add a personal touch, like a symbol or logo so people will recognise it in the future.


Keep it Short and Sweet: You don’t have to relay every event you’ve played and the full blown story of how you started in the music industry, people don’t want to read a novel. Give a brief outline of your story and drop in a few other band/artist names that are similar to your genre. Make sure you get important details in, imagine your describing yourself and your interests to someone you’ve not met.

Third Person: Some bands and artists have people to draft up a bio for them, if you’re writing yours personally try and write in the third person. This allows you to get your (band) name in your bio and readers will remember it more. It also makes you sound more professional instead of saying ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘my’ continually. It also has an added advantage of your name coming up in key searches when others are looking for your page.

Your Story: Make sure you bio has some variety, don’t write it the way every other band/artist does. Tell readers why you’re different and what makes you unique, your story will be the main reason they continue to follow your music and upcoming events.

You Achievements: Tell people about what you’ve achieved in your music career, or the achievement you’ve made on the way. Include any awards you’ve received, nominations, press quotes, basically boast about what you’ve accomplished. Bullet points or list form is great for this as people can easily see what you’ve achieved from your music and it shows them that you’re good!


Social Links: Add all of you social links to each platform you’re on, this makes it easier for people to find you and will increase your fan base. Also add contact links such as an email or phone number in case booking agents or promoters want to book you for an upcoming gig.

Update Regularly: Keeping your bio updated is something a lot of artists, bands and musicians forget to do. New people will continue to come to your bio page but it’s unlikely they’ll stick around if they;re reading about a show you did six years ago. Keep it fresh. Add any new awards or press comments you’ve received and keep your fans in the loop about any upcoming events.

The above tips are what you should include when writing any bio relating to your music. Not only will you bio look fresh and professional, it’ll have all the relevant stuff to keep your fans interested and likely to revisit your page!

(Feature Image – Pexels)