Clear diction for singers is very important for a number of reasons and so should be focused on when developing your voice. The 2 main areas to consider when working on diction are technique and performance, whether it’s to a live audience or when recording.

From a performance point of view, when singing a song you are, in most cases, telling a story or sharing thoughts with your audience. Therefore it’s vital that the lyrics can distinguished in order for your listener to understand what the song is about and what the message is. If the lyrics to a song aren’t clear, then the song becomes meaningless and forgettable.

From the technique side, for some singers, words can become slurred, mumbled and very lazy sounding. The most common causes of this can be all of or any of the following;

  • Mouth shape
  • Tongue placement
  • External muscles around the jaw or internally in the larynx
  • Poor breath control
  • Style choice
  • Mimicking another singer