Do you want to impress at your singing audition? Well check out the below advice on singing audition tips.

Obviously how you sing is important in the audition, however preparing yourself and making sure you’re in the right mind set is just as important too. So make sure you:

  • Practice!! Know your audition song like the back of your hand! You will be nervous in the audition room so the song needs to come naturally to you.


  • Dress smart! Dress like you would on stage. Make sure your image matches your style. If you sing like Freddie Mercury you would not dress like Marilyn Manson!


  • If singing a cover, put your own stamp on it. Maybe play with the arrangement or musical style to suit your style. Singing a carbon copy won’t show the judges anything about you.


  • You need to think outside the box. It’s an audition, not a karaoke session.


  • Look after your vocals leading up to the audition. Drink plenty of water and make sure you warm up thoroughly!

Whether or not you are successful at your audition, consider it valuable experience. Make the most of any feedback you are given. Use it constructively and implement it into your performance for future auditions. Don’t let it bring you down; if you believe in your ability you will bounce back. More doors close before one opens, you just have to be ready!