Being a performer is more than just being able to start singing on stage, it’s about how to make use of the stage in the most appropriate and effective way. Below are some pointers on how to sing on stage.


Keep an eye on the atmosphere

Bear in mind when using singing on stage, that the bigger the stage, the more room to play with.

Type of song chosen will affect how you perform whilst singing on stage

If you’re singing a love song, look into the audiences eyes, move slowly across the stage and really bring the atmosphere into that room. If a dance or urban song then you need to be strong visually and perhaps best to incorporate routines and have other performers there whilst you’re singing on stage with you.

HOT TIP! Keep your hands busy. It is a common mistake for singers to just hold their hands by their sides or in their pockets where they are least effective. Some techniques to implement include:

  • Wave
  • Clench your fists
  • Swap the microphone between hands
  • Move the microphone stand

Body Language

Body language is so important! Body language is a tool in which you can convey the song to the audience. It can be as small as waving at a fan in the front row or running across the stage from side to side. Always remember when singing on stage, body language is important but it has to be fitting to the performance, don’t move just because you feel you have to.