Singer Cari Cole has been using the ‘three day rule’ for years for herself and on clients. It is a set of tips that singers should and shouldn’t do three days before they are due to perform. The aim of the tips is to enable singers to perform at their best and have full control over their vocal range.

(1) No caffeine

Caffeine makes you dehydrated which you don’t want when you’re about to perform, this means no tea, coffee, Coca Cola, chocolate or hot chocolates.

(2) At least 8 glasses of water a day

Water helps to lubricate and moisturize the throat and vocal folds. This enables your voice to hit higher notes as it is more flexible and resilient. Add fruit such as lemon or strawberries to make it more exotic and fun.

(3) Eat foods that have a high water content

Fruits and veg have a lot of water content, like melons, apples, cucumbers and celery. They help in hydrating the throat muscles and also contain various vitamins and minerals.

(4) No dairy

Dairy products like cheese, yogurt and milk cause phlegm to build up in the throat which can interfere with a singer/vocalists performance.

(5) Gargle with saltwater

Gargling with warm salt water before a singing lesson or performance helps to moisturize the throat. Throat sprays such as Vocal Eze can also be used the day before and on the day of the performance.

(6) Don’t overeat the day before and on the day

Don’t over eat the day before you are due to perform, heavy foods such as read meat and pasta can make you feel bloated. Stick to light food like chicken and vegetables which also contain protein and minerals. Also make sure you aren’t eating late meals, as this can also cause acid reflux.

(7) Keep away from spicy foods 

Heavily spicy foods can cause a build up of acid leading to acid reflux. This can burn vocal chords and leaves the chaffed and dry which causes problems when needing to hit high notes. Some spices like cayenne pepper are OK in moderation, just don’t go eating any scotch bonnets!!!

(8) Limit alcohol 

Spirits such as vodka and whisky are to be avoided prior, and during, a performance as they dry the throat. A glass of wine is acceptable, however it can still have an effect on your performance, best advice is to not drink for a few days.

(9) Don’t smoke

Smoking isn’t advised for singers anyway as it can make the voice sound hoarse and croaky. It also causes internal damage to various parts of the body and can lead to cancer in the throat as well as the lungs.

(10) Enough sleep

Maintaining enough sleep is important as it helps you to focus and boosts your energy. Difficulty sleeping can be solved by a herbal tea such as lemon or chamomile. Also mellow and soothing music can help.

(11) Steaming

Steaming regularly can help to unblock the sinuses and help with breathing. Fill a bowl with hot water, add a few drops of Olbas oil or essential oils and place a towel over your head as she place your face over the bowl. CLOSE YOUR EYES! Make sure you keep your eyes closed so they don’t become irritated. Breathe in the steam and release after a few seconds. You can also steam in the shower.

(12) Don’t take antihistamines

Antihistamines can cause the throat to become dry which doesn’t help singers. Herbal techniques can be used as a replacement or even a change in your diet.

Each of these tips guarantees to help you deliver a top notch performance. Feel free to do them in a different order and add any you have previously used!