Writing lyrics can be incredibly freeing yet challenging at the same time, and everyone has their own approach when it comes to it. Below is a list of tips to help you find your creative ideas and get the most out of writing lyrics, whatever way you do it!

1. Writing lyrics gets better the more you do it, so practice whenever you can. It is just like any other skill you want to master, the more you practice then the better you will become.

2. It’s completely natural to not be happy with your lyrics in the first draft. Various artists and writers re-write their lyrics over and over until they’re satisfied.

3. Make sure you have an unclouded vision of what you want your song to be about. The main message of the song should be explained in a sentence.

4. Don’t give up! A great song is almost never created straight away, it is something you must craft and continue to adapt over time.

5. Remember to be clear in your writing and that your song makes sense when you read it through. Don’t overcomplicate things because listeners will get confused and lose sight of your intended message.

6. Use context. For example, adding a back-story to explain a situation can add interest and change the meaning of any lyrics following it.

7. Monitor the amount of describing words (adjectives) you use within a song. Although they are key to creating a good song, using too many can make the lyrics wordy and long-winded.

8. Make sure what you have written flows in the right way. Don’t try and cram too many words into one line otherwise it won’t flow well, re-write the line completely rather than trying to re-arrange it.

9. Each word has a different ‘sound’ which you should always be aware of when writing lyrics. Words have an innate sound which becomes more pronounced when they are sung compared to when they’re spoken. It’s important to take into consideration the sound of the word as well as its meaning when you’re writing.

10. Always be aware of the language you’re using when writing. Don’t use over-elaborated words just because they are longer and more ‘sophisticated’. Think about the how the words will translate when they’re used in the song. Also, overcomplicated words may put fans off if they don’t know the meaning of a word.