Often these days, new technology is the song writer’s best friend. It has democratised music in an unprecedented way, meaning that everyone with a microphone and a music program on their computer can get their songs online. In many ways this is great, but in some ways, it’s not.

Without a filter in place to sort the wheat from the chaff, many musicians simply throw everything up on the web, no questions asked. This is great if everything you write is brilliant. But let’s face it – it’s not.

Even the best songwriters in the world consign more songs to the scrapheap than ever see the light of day. So take a leaf out of their book – once a song is written, don’t immediately post it online. Let it sit for a while, come back to it when you’ve written a couple more, or you have a collection of new tracks to choose from.

If it’s the best thing anyone’s ever written, it will still be great when you return to it. There’s no rush. But if you return to it and decide it’s actually not as strong as perhaps you first thought, then you’ve saved yourself from posting a substandard track online. Good for your reputation, and good for your fans’ ears.