Think about your favourite song right now. What is it actually about? What’s the message behind it? What is the artist trying to say through that song? I can tell you now, you can find all the answers within the lyrics. The main purpose of writing lyrics in songs is to tell the story and message behind the song. This will help listeners relate to your song and feel the emotions you feel/convey through the song. But how do you make the most of writing lyrics?

Before you start writing lyrics, you should decide what your story and message should be. Drawing on your own personal experiences will help in deciding what the story behind your song should be. The stronger the emotion behind your experience, the easier it will be for your lyrics to flow out of your mind and onto paper. The reason you should draw from your own experiences is so it sounds convincing. The story/message will sound convincing if it’s an experience of your own that you decide to write your song about.

Words are powerful. Don’t just “tell your story” through your lyrics. You need to show what happens and show how you feel about it. The story will be mainly told through your verses, your melody may stay the same but the lyrics will change as the verses go on. This will be the opportunity for you to write what happens in the song through your lyrics.

Now your chorus is where the impact happens. The lyrics in your verses will change but your chorus/hook lyrics will stay the same for maximum impact. It’s useful to include the title of your song into your chorus lyrics to help make it memorable. After all, you want your song to be memorable, so having your song title in your chorus will help with that. The chorus is the section where you can allow your lyrics to be hard-hitting and make an impact on the listener. Be sure to make your chorus flow lyrically as well because the chorus usually stays the same throughout.

The catchiness of your lyrics is the key to making your song memorable. Make sure your lyrics fit the music and melody well and to see if they are catchy and memorable, show it to someone else- a fresh pair of ears can help you see if you’re heading in the right direction. Ask them if your lyrics, especially in the chorus are memorable and impactful and if not, just keep trying and experimenting with your songwriting. Keep listening to songs from all genres and draw inspiration from them. You never know what genre of song can kick off that inspirational spark.

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