Summer is the time people brush off their party shorts and dance ’til the dawn in the middle of a field. Get in on the action this summer by performing at festivals and markets.

Outdoor Festival

Get in contact with local event organisers and see if they’re willing to book you to perform at their event. It may not be straight forward getting in contact with the right person you need to speak to so be patient when speaking to others and make it clear what your proposition is. Speak clearly, if it’s a phone call, when you’re talking to people and remain professional so people are willing to co-operate with what you’re inquiring about.

When you get the opportunity to speak to the person in charge of the event, reiterate why you’d be a perfect act for the event. If you have to travel a fair distance to get to the event look for other gigs in and around that area, if your performance at one event goes well you may be suggested to other venues. The more opportunities and events you are part of increases your exposure and chances of performing elsewhere.

Some festivals have slots/ stages for emerging and upcoming artists, these are good things to apply for as you gain experience of what it’s like to perform to a larger crowd, you also get a sense of what the crowd thinks of your music, not to mention you get exposure and a pay cheque at the end of it.

Festivals are the most obvious thing to apply to perform at over the summer but low key festivals are just as good as the well known ones. Low key and emerging festivals may be seeking bands/artists to perform at the event which works in your favour if they like your sound. Festivals for a specific genre are likely to be harder to get a slot in, for example a rock festival and you’re a pop group but it’s always worth a try.

When people hear the word festival music usually springs to mind, however apply to perform at other festivals like art and food, these are fun and entertaining. You get to experience a different kind of audience and may even gain a few new fans.

Things like markets are also good places to apply. Low key community based projects are great for independent solo performers, and are also good learning curves for new artists to get a feel of performing to different crowds. Travelling to events like these give you an idea of what it is like to tour in general for future gigs.

Another easy way to make some money this summer, is to crate your own event. Organise an intimate gig for friends to enjoy. You can invite other bands/artists that you know and create a mini festival and charge a small admission fee for people to come.