Touring can be one busy journey with one show after another, however writing new material while touring can be a great escape from it all. Not only can you take a break from your rock-star antics, you get a different perspective on what to write about from all the places you’re visiting.

Below are a few tips on how to get you motivated and inspired when it comes to writing on the road.

Take in your surroundings: Touring gives you access to places you never knew existed or that you though you’d never visit, don’t take them for granted. Look around, explore things when you have some spare time, make memories that you can use to base a song on. Anything you cone into contact with has the potential to be related to your next track, from a lonely street to a packed out bar. You can simple look out the window from your tour bus and get some ideas of what you could write about in the future.

Keep listening to music: Yes you may be on tour but that doesn’t mean you should only be listening to your own music! Keep your headphones at arms reach and listen to whatever you feel like when you can and, importantly, listen to the lyrics. What made you want to start songwriting? Think about this while you’re listening and take in your surroundings, how are you feeling? All of these thoughts and feelings combined can be the foundations for a future song. Also, listen to any music you’re given while touring; CD’s, videos and streaming links, chances are they’ve similar to your genre and if not you make like a beat/hook you could use for your music.

Record: Any ideas you have on the road you NEED to record, that beat in your head? hum it out while your phone records it. Don’t let any ideas you have be forgotten because you ‘forgot’ to note it down, you’ll kick yourself later if that happens! Also, record the shows you perform. Looking/listening back at a show you just performed can give you ideas of what to improve on or what you liked to then do again in the future. If you’re warming up before your set make sure you have a tape or phone running so everything is recorded. You don’t want to miss out of a funky riff not do you?

Be ready: It’s highly likely that while you’re on tour your instruments will be tuned and ready to go, so make sure you always have one at hand. If you put the effort in you could have everything in place to create your next album by the time your current tour is over. Yes we’ve mentioned it before but that riff you’ve been looking for may suddenly present itself, make sure you’ve got an instrument accessible to test it out!

Meet people while you tour: Stories are the perfect ammunition to writing a great song. You can’t get anything better than writing about something that has actually happened, to you or someone else. While you’re touring, take time out to meet as many people as you can and listen to their stories. Meeting fans should be a given when you’re on tour but don’t just do the ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ like some artists, ask where they’ve come from and if they have any interesting stories. Fans will appreciate you taking time out to listen to them and you can gain ideas for suture material, it’s a win win.

(Feature Image – Pexels)