If your music’s good then fans will find you, right? Unfortunately not. You need to attract people to you, get people to WANT TO LISTEN to you and all the more importantly, BECOME A FAN. Here are a few tips when trying to build a fan base…

1. Get on Social Media – It seem obvious, but make sure you have social media accounts for your band, especially Twitter and Facebook. If someone comes to a gig and loves your music you want them to be able to find you as easily as possible.

Social media and streaming has completely changed the game for bands BUT this is not a negative thing. In many ways its easier now to reach out to new fans (and to a large number of people)  Which leads me on nicely to my next pointers…

2. Get your music in Stores – iTunes, Spotify etc. Not only does this make you look more Pro and thus more attractive to any potential fan, it also makes your music easier to find and can lead to a number of promotion opportunity’s

3. Get a Promoter/ Radio Plugger – Online music blogs, music magazines and streaming websites have become more important than ever for aspiring bands. Although some bands do manage to get reviews and features on their own, a promotion company will have contacts that you will not been able to reach on your own. This means your music being heard on a much bigger scale

4 .Do you have a Website? – Although websites for new bands are not as important as social media, having all your music, gig listings, news etc. in one place is great for marketing. You can instantly tell fans and prospective record labels what you’re about.

5. Get out there and gig! – Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best. If you gig a lot, a lot for people will see you play and some will become fans. Just make sure they can find you if they look for you online!

6. Take an interest in your fans and network with other bands – if you get messages from fans, reply, be nice, offer them something, it’ll pay off. Being nice in this industry can get you further. If your gigging with a good band, talk to them, you might end up touring together one day and sharing fans…

7. Image – Not just how you look, but how you post online; how you portray yourself. There’s loads of people playing little acoustic guitars trying to be the next Ed Sheeran – what makes you different? If you want to make yourself marketable you have to stand out, be original. Make sure everyone knows there’s only one you.

8. Make yourself easy to find online – Although I’ve already spoke about Social media etc. you also have to make yourself easy to find – link your social media accounts wherever possible to make yourself climb up the results on search engines. It’s also a good idea to keep all of your social account handles the same. (E.g. Facebook.com/theband , twitter.com/theband)

9. Don’t spam people – ‘Hiya Man, Check out my new bands video’ No. You’ve got to make people WANT TO listen to your music. You can’t force them to.

10. Enjoy yourself! – If it shines through in your music and in your posts that you’re enjoying what you’re doing people are going to enjoy it all the more too. It is important to love what you do and be making the music you want.

Building a fan base is obviously not a unilateral thing, there’s lots of ways that it can be done but these points should help you on your quest to stardom. Now go get 1,000,000 followers!