Usually your copyright work will be protected abroad automatically in the same way that it is protected in the UK, USA and most developed countries. 1217447115_world_map_zoomThe UK, USA and most developed countries are members of many international agreements including not least the Berne Convention, under which the national law of each country automatically protects copyright works which are eligible for protection, under the rules of other countries who have signed these agreements. Most countries, including all western European, the USA and Russia, now belong to the Berne Convention. Under this agreement you do not have to mark your work in any way for automatic protection to apply. However, it is sensible to mark your work with the international © symbol, followed by the name of the copyright owner and year in which the work was created. Protection abroad can also arise from obligations in the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement. This forms part of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement and may protect your work automatically. Details of the TRIPS agreement and a list of these countries are on their website.