It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 (well… 1 to 5 to be exact)

Our safe storage of members copyright work(s) enables us, as a credible independent third party, to provide for you, in the event of any alleged copyright infringement, verification of your submitted works and associated details with date / time confirmation.

It’s quick and it’s simple …and it’s a very inexpensive way to safeguard your work!


Use our Copyright Submission Form to detail the piece of work you need to copyright. This can be a musical piece, lyrical works, or both (i.e. a song). You’ll be taken through the short simple stages of how to submit the relevant music and / or document files to us. Remember these works don’t have to be finished or even polished works, just your own creation or collaboration at whatever stage it’s at when you decide it needs protecting.

To use the copyright facility, as with all our value added member services, you’ll need to be a MusicSite member, it’s totally free to join and you’ll find a load of other great stuff as well, then you can register and subscribe to the Copyright Service. Take a look at the Copyright pages and you’ll see our wide range of options and prices to suit every user and every budget.

Once we receive your submission we lodge your full submission content within our secure archives, and your work is allocated a unique Copyright Identification reference. We make a second secure back-up copy which is dispatched to a separate geographical location for additional security and safety.

Once your submission is accepted and secured in our copyright files it cannot be amended in any way. It is digitally dated and time stamped for reference in any potential future infringement proceedings.

You will then receive an email confirming your registration, together with the essential details and reference from your submission, including your unique copyright reference, for each separate submission.

If you wish to add further works, simply submit another registration, just as quick and just as simple!

If you want to update an existing work of course you cannot in any way to ‘amend’ the existing registered copyright piece, simply register your newer version and denote the connection (i.e. name of work-version xxx) to any original piece within the relevant notes on your newer submission.