You can have many different forms of music collaborations, and they all offer new ways to reach fans and create new connections. However the struggle for some artists is how to find other musicians to collaborate with and putting themselves forward to creating beneficial relationships in the music industry.

Below are a list of ways to find other musicians/bands to collaborate with in order to reach new audiences and develop your music knowledge and performance.

Record a single: If you’ve got a pre-written song you’re itching to release, why not invite another artist to do the vocals on the track? Releasing a single is a great way to gain exposure to your music, especially if you collaborate with another artist, as you reach new audiences that you may not usually be in front of. A single collaboration doesn’t have limits to the type of artists you collaborate with, you may even get requests for future singles with other artists.

Produce: Producing another artists music can create, and strengthen, relationships along with being an experience for both you and the artist you’re helping. Also, both fan bases will be reached which can increase your audience and not to mention it saves the artist money by not hiring a professional producer.

Co-write: Co-writing allows you to learn new writing techniques and gives you an insight to what it is like writing with another artist/musician. You can also expand on any premature ideas that you’ve had and look at ways to create a song from it, having input from another person can be very beneficial with this.

Cover: Cover songs are great, especially if they’re stripped down/acoustic covers. Don’t pick a mainstream song in the charts, picking a track by an indie artist is likely to be seen as a privilege by whomever wrote it. and will seen and shared quickly. If the cover is done right you’re likely to get a few more fans as well.

Spontaneous performances: If you’ve got a friend who’s band is on tour, there is no harm asking if they’d play one of your songs while you make an appearance and sing it. This introduces you to their audience and you can return the favour when you’re performing in the future.

Gig Swap: Being a musician/artists or in a band means it is highly likely you’ll know plenty of other artists. Take advantage of this and invite them to do a show with you, this introduces them to your audiences and they’re likely to return the favour. This is a great way to perform with other musicians and it opens new opportunities for you to potentially tour, when you go and perform with them , and you reach new audiences.

Films and Videos: If you know a wannabe film director that’s working on early material, offer them your services. You could supply them with music to go in their movie or a backing track for a video they’re working on, this helps you to promote your music in a different way.

Joint Release: If you’re eager to release a track you’ve been working on, why not invite another emerging band/artist to release it with you? This introduces you to their audience and vice versa, you can also perform the track together at any live gigs you do in the future.

(Feature Image – Pexels)