The definition of collaboration is when more than one person or organisation work on a project together to achieve the same end goal. In terms of music, it’s when a group of musicians of different skills and backgrounds work together on an album or a single song etc. Examples of skills backgrounds are, but not limited to; singer, songwriter, producer, technician, recording manager, etc.

Creating an album takes a lot of work and a lot of different skills, which is where music collaboration can be quite beneficial. Having a group of musicians working on the same musical project can be a blessing as you can share the workload and have people working on the project who are very skilled in their specialisation.

It’s very time efficient to have different people working on different aspects of the album at the same time, instead of one person doing everything at different times.   Working with other musicians allows you to hear different opinions/perspectives on the same project that you may not have thought of.   Also different musicians have different skill sets; what they may lack in, you could make up for and cive versaorking as a group on one album can be very beneficial for everyone.   This is why the music industry heavily relies on music collaboration. So many different skills are needed that it would be inconvenient to expect one person to be able to do everything. Sharing the workload makes the process easier.

When collaborating in a musical project with other musicians, there will be times when more than one person may clash with each other artistically. It’s important to remember to always be open minded to other people’s musical ideas, while it is also very important to stick to your own artistic vision.

In this day and age the internet has become a very useful hub for collaboration in all aspects of life, including music. There are a lot of websites specifically designed to encourage artists to collaborate with one another. For example, Bandhub , Youtube, Procollabs and many more. All these sites, plus loads more, will help you liaise with other musicians online and give you a creative space to work on projects together.