Collaborations are popular within the music industry however not everyone is keen when it comes to working so closely with another person. But before you shut down any possible collaborations lets take a look at some of the reasons why collaborations can be a GREAT idea.

(1) If you’re stepping in a collaboration with someone you need to be prepared to be open to new ideas. This doesn’t mean you have to scrap any visions you’ve had in regards to your project, you just need to be open to improving what you’ve already got. If you want your collaboration to be productive and successful you need to lay everything you’ve got on the table and be prepared to alter things and take others opinions on board. Also, you begin to adapt to working with different people and different personalities which is always needed in the music industry.

(2)  If you’re independent artist or you’re emerging on the music scene a collaboration could be one of the best ways for you to grow your fan base. Doing a collaboration with an artist who is already quite prominent in the music industry can introduce you to their fan base and other audiences. You need to look at other artist that are having a good impact for future collaborations, once you’ve started making waves on the music scene people may be asking to collaborate with you!

(3) Doing a collaboration can also increase the attention you get within the music industry, especially if you’re a songwriter. Working with another songwriter of the same ability can create something great and can produce a unique project when two different perspectives are combined. But don’t aim small, if you are able to work alongside a songwriter that has already gained attention from people within the industry take up the opportunity! You never know, it may get you noticed for all the right reasons too.

(4) Lets not forget that by doing a collaboration you’re likely to have a reliable associate within the music industry from then on. Creating something as unifying as music with another person is definitely a task that forms an instant relationship. Collaborating with an individual that completely understands your creative vision and position within the music industry is indispensable and will aid you to both develop together.

(5) One great reason to consider doing a collaboration is that it gives your music background some variety. When talking to others about your music biography it won’t be all about you, which can be boring. People in, and out, of the music industry are intrigued by the stories behind collaborations, even more so if they weren’t planned!

Being hesitant of who to collaborate with is natural for any artist but make sure you’re open to all of the different options. A collaboration won’t be successful if you’re selfish and taking control of the whole project. The aim of a collaboration is getting the best end result to display to your fans and working with another artist can really help you achieve this.