Platforms such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp can be useful for musicians/artists and a lot of emerging artists take advantage of them. However it’s important to distribute your music on most, if not all, music platforms online.

Worldwide music distribution matters for a a variety of different reasons and has equivalent benefits for the artists that opt into it.

Money increases when you distribute your music online through streaming services, as well as any money you make from track downloads and CD sales. Being an independent artist means YOU are your own record label, writer and manager meaning any money you make through music streaming will becoming straight to you, that’s if you control the rights to your songs and recordings. Digital distribution may be favoured over physical as it saves artists money from pressing LPs and CDs, however some fans like physical distribution so bare this in mind.

If you’re the songwriter of the song you have on an online streaming service, you are also entitled to 100% of your publishing rights which means you gain publishing royalties each time your song is streamed.

Get discovered by distributing your music worldwide! The internet is so vast you never know where or when someone will get captured by your music. It’s important to remember that everyone is different, some people prefer to digitally download their music whereas others prefer a physical copy, CDs. Make sure you’re music is available for all different types of fans, whether it be on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify make sure you’re music is easily accessible. You are also likely to gain fans if your music is on a platform or streaming service they use, get on them all!

Be prepared! Get your music set up on streaming services and platforms, even if you’re just starting out, so people know where it is. You never know when a song is set to be a future hit so make sure your music is out there ready for fans to stream it when they want. Waiting until your music has an impact on people can mean you’ll miss out on sales and streams, so be on the safe side by distributing it now.

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