Digital Music Distribution is a necessity for artists and musicians to get worldwide exposure to sell your music online. Below are a few great tips to help artists know how to prepare their music for digital distribution and get them ahead of the game when it comes to releasing it to your fans.

Improve your social media: Make sure each one of your social media profiles are up to date and packed with content and info about you and your music. If you’re not on them already on them, sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great to keep your fans update on your music and reach larger audiences.

Take a look at our article for social media platforms artists should be using.

Correct releases: Make sure your upcoming release can be released a few weeks before the date set. Check that each song title, and the EP/Album itself has capital letters and correct spelling. Make sure that all album artwork is of the correct size so it looks clean and smart when upload to any music platforms. And make sure the audio for each track is of the correct format.

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Conferences: Music conferences are always beneficial, whether you’re an artist, producer or session musician. Conferences are a great way to stay updated on the latest events and occurrences in the music industry. They also allow you to make new connections and network with different people that could lead to potential projects in the future.

Stay positive: Launching a music career and promoting your music can be a struggle, especially if you’re an independent artist. But don’t lose faith, stay motivated and create plans to follow in order to get to where you want to be. Work hard and stay consistent, it will be worth it in the end!


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