Band photography is used as a promotion tool in music and one way you can take advantage of it is by creating iconic and memorable images. The first step is getting a band photographer whose work speaks for itself and collaborating with them in terms of brainstorming and thinking outside the box.

It is the photographer’s job to capture the style and mood, so you need to give them enough to work with. Think about the message you are trying to get across with your pictures.

Your band should know how to present their personalities and the charisma of your brand accordingly. Be silly in your poses but be serious too because any photos that are released to the public can and will be used as press photos and you want to show yourselves in a good light.

You can never go wrong with using a plain backdrop as it brings the focus to you as individuals rather than what’s happening behind you and it is easier to get good lighting, which is key for good photography. You don’t have to pose in a cemetery or an abandoned environment to drop hints about the dark themes in your music; you can do that by being expressive and unique in your photos.

If you can’t afford a band photographer just yet then find a friend or relative who is a bit tech savvy to take some shots on their iPhone and edit them for you (there are tons of free photo editors, or you can opt for something more professional like Adobe Photoshop). Pay them in beer to take photos of you playing during a gig to capture the essence of you playing in front of an audience or your bassist’s riff face that fans will learn to love. Get him to shoot some pictures in black and white, because you can never go wrong with black and white.

Using your friend or relative to take photos can really help you become a natural in front of the camera, as you’ll be more relaxed and they will know your group dynamic a lot better than a professional photographer.

Band photography is something that has to be done with incredible attention to detail and it’s important that your photos have a purpose. Following these points should help get your portfolio of pictures up and running. Don’t forget to credit the photographer!


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