YouTube is the number one way for artists to reach people and gain attraction to their music. But are you able to afford professional music video productions for each song you release?

Unless you are a well-known artist with a large following, it is unlikely you can afford to make a music video for each one of your songs. However, you do have to have your songs on YouTube in order for people to see/hear them. Now, a vast majority of artists make ‘lyric videos’ for their songs due to them being more affordable and also beneficial to have.

Low Costs. More Views.

Getting views on songs/videos on YouTube can be challenging for artists and can also be very frustrating. It can be more frustrating when you get few views on a video you spent a large budget on. It can be difficult producing a video that will interest and entertain viewers who could be watching a thousand other music videos. If a video isn’t interesting, or even outrageous, fans get bored and lose interest which means they won’t share it with other people. However, lyric videos are advantageous for various reasons.

  • Fans enjoy watching them.
  • They are cheaper to produce.
  • Each one is different.


Building Momentum.

Fans of bands and artists tend to enjoy lyric videos more then official videos themselves. How come? Because they are able to learn the lyrics to the song while listening to it!

Lyric videos are a great way to build momentum prior to an official video release. Fans love knowing the lyrics to songs, so what better way to get to know the lyrics than by giving them a lyric video?

If you release a lyric video before the official video, fans will most likely listen to it more than once which increases your view rating. Also, lyric videos have been known to sustain more overall views than official videos themselves.

Be Creative.

The more creative and diverse your video is, the more views you are likely to obtain. No one wants to watch a lyric video with a white background and black text, it’s BORING! Try different fonts to see what you like best, but remember it needs to be easy to read.

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want your video to look like, add other features like the way the text will appear on the screen. Some lyric videos have text that moves too fast or too slow, meaning the next like has started before the previous lyrics have moved. Make sure the song fits to when the lyrics appear otherwise people will lose interest and move on.

Being creative is good, but don’t go overboard. Packing too many things into your video can make it confusing and hard to follow. Keep it simple yet original. Try picking a background image that relates to your song and have the lyrics over the top, or change the background image throughout the song. You could even incorporate your logo or signature into each lyric video you make, which viewers will also begin to recognise.

Take a look at the examples below of lyric videos that were created with Superstring 2 Lyric Video Maker (see below for discount on this maker):

Making a Good Lyric Video.

(1) Do It Yourself.

Making your own lyric videos is pretty much free so you won’t break the bank in the process. You can find tutorials about how to get started on YouTube which will also give you some inspiration about what designs to use. Windows Movie Maker is a free and easy to use tool which is great for things like lyric videos.

If you have access to a mac, iMovie is available which is known to make better quality videos and is more favorable if you have access to either options. There are also tutorials on how to use iMovie on the internet.

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Superstring Pro for Windows Users

Superstring Pro for Mac Users

(2) Hire an Expert.

If you want your video to look more professional you can get in touch with a company that specializes in this, like 351 Studio or Black Sheep Media. However, this option will cost money and is better to get different price quotes before you make a decision.

(3) Become an Expert. 

Adobe After Effects is an editing software that creates great quality videos that LOOK professional. The price range for the software costs around $1,000 (£780) which is a large sum of money for an independent band/artist, however it is a worthwhile investment. Once purchased, After Effects is something that can continually be used to make as many videos necessary.  Also, once you become confident with the software and are happy with the videos you have created, you could charge a small fee for helping other artists create their lyric videos.

YouTube is the best and most popular way for independent artists and musicians to gain the exposure they need. Most importantly, lyric videos are an easy and affordable way for artists to gain that exposure, so what are you waiting for?!