Should I be using a publisher?

Is your music possibly being streamed or downloaded anywhere?

Is your music possibly being played in videos on YouTube?

Would you like to earn money from your music in film, TV, gaming etc?

Are you already struggling to administrate your own music rights?

If you answer YES to any of the above then you SHOULD be using a publisher, you may be earning royalties that you don’t even know about, but before you start to look for a publisher to work with, you should understand the three basic types of publishers.

The first is best described as an Administrator. Usually an individual or small company, they provide a service, for a small commission, to the songwriter by handling all aspects of the registration, licensing and collection processes.

The next level of publishers are referred to as Independents, who offer the same administration services as an administrator, but also provide creative services and offer advances to songwriters. Their client lists would usually be made up of mid-level artists plus talented songwriters and producers.

The third are the Majors, corporates like Universal, Warner Chappell, Sony, BMG and EMI pay millions of dollars in advances to the songwriters and artists in order to maintain their market share.

Our partners at Sentric Music are independent publishing experts, they’ll help find, report and collect these royalties for you.

Unlike so many publishing services, Sentric charge nothing to register your music, it’s easy to join and submit your music and they have great customer support if you need it, that’s partly why we chose Sentric as our recommended publisher.

But one of the main reasons though is that they are ‘artist-centric’ (excuse the pun) and have a bold and unique ‘love us or leave us’ model which we think says it all. IF for any reason you want to leave, unlike the norm where you’ll be tied for 2, 3 or often 5 years before you can leave, Sentic Music need ONLY 28 days’ notice, AND YES… you still keep all your rights.

It’s a no-brainer!

Check out Sentric Music.