Social media has the power to send a simplistic Tweet or status viral if it is seen by the right people, so when should you post it?

Artists like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are a few of the most followed artists on social media to date. This means the timing of their posts is insignificant as they’ll accumulate multiple likes, shares and re tweets regardless.

But what about if you’re an emerging artist? The timing of you post needs to be opportune so a larger audience will see it. Also how many posts should you do a day or a week?

The points below can help you to find when is the ideal moment to post and how many posts are the right amount.

Social Media Posts

Facebook Algorithms: Facebook’s algorithm can’t be pinpointed. However, it’s main aim is to space out posts over several hours to make sure news feeds don’t get clogged up and specific updates aren’t posted over. No one wants a news feed that is flooded with the same posts by one page all of the time, so posts are help back and posted later on to allow other things to appear. Specific posts by Facebook itself take priority over any others as it’s their own platform and they are usually more engaging for users.

Don’t Merge Accounts: Each social media account is likely to have different audiences wanting to see different posts. Twitter’s dynamic as a platform is completely different to Facebook so make sure you don’t link the two together. Doing this can lead to followers/fans becoming uninterested in the posts because it’s not what they’re attracted to. If you needed to, you could use Facebook to push posts on Twitter but don’t o it the other way round.

Are Your Followers Online? Thanks to technology today, you are able to see when your followers are are most active online. Posting in these times increases the chance of your posts being seen by your audience. TweetDeck allows you to schedule posts at a specific time if you have missed a good time slot or are busy that time the next day.

Are Followers Responding? It can be said that there is more conversation on Facebook than there is on Twitter with people posting status and others commenting. Don’t let opportunities to communicate with followers pass by. It is just as important to respond to comments on Twitter as it is on Facebook, don’t just use each platform to promote yourself and not engage with those that are supporting you. Also, if followers are continually reaching out and getting ignore, they may give up and not continue to interact with you regular updates and posts.

Post Throughout the Day: Don’t just post things at the same hours everyday, expand the times you post things and have them posting throughout the day. This can increase your followers if people are seeing your posts when they are usually online. If you know where are lot of your followers are located, this is possible via certain services, try and schedule posts at the time they are online so they see them.

Different Channels = Different Audiences: Not everyone is using the same social media channels these days, there are a wide range of platforms to chose from. Expanding the channels you are on increases the amount of people that will see your posts. Once you are on different platforms, you’ll be able to figure out what the right number of posts is each day/week. For example users don’t usually post 10 photos on Instagram each day, it’s usually one or two. Whereas people on Twitter write about whatever they doing or feeling as much as they like. You’ll begin to see what is the right amount for each platform.


Photo Credit: via Richard Goodwin