Selling merchandise can be difficult for anyone, even after playing the best show you’ve ever played, getting people to your merch stand can be a nightmare.

Getting ideas in place can really boost your chances of making those all important sales. Take a look at the tips below to create a plan for selling merchandise at your next gig.

– Presentation is key:

No one wants to be searching through a box looking for a CD that you ‘might have’ because they’ll lose interest causing you to lose a sale. Take pride in your presentation and advertising, set up a stall before your gig starts so people are able to look at the merchandise they can buy on the way out. Also, setting your stall up early increases your chances of making a sale for those people that have to leave early but want your latest CD.

Make sure people can see your merchandise! Set up your stall near the entrance or stage so people can see it and so it’s easily accessible. It is also important to spread things out, no one wants to stand and flick through loads of different CDs to find the one they want, so split them all up so they’re easier to get.

– Payment Options:

Not everyone goes out with a pocket full of cash these days, so make sure you can take card payments. If someone wants to buy your new album, a hoodie and a key ring but you don’t accept card then you’ve missed out on a large sale. Have a sign that says you accept card, if people can see it they’ll most likely come over and have a look.

Have enough change on hand for those that DO pay cash. Yes you could always try and get them to add something onto their purchase if you’ve run out of coins, but that may cause them to not buy what they originally wanted.

– Have a variety of merch:

Merchandise isn’t just CD’s and t-shirts, expand your range to add some variety. Sell vinyl records to those who are old school and prefer collectible items. A lot of people download their music to play through their speakers at home, so offer them digital download cards.

Have a range of prices, not everyone will be willing to spend £20-£30 on a hoodie but may still want something to show they’ve seen your gig. Sell things such as coasters and key rings that people can easily buy and that have a purpose. Also think outside the box, have quirky things to sell like bottle openers with your band name/logo on that also stick to the fridge as a magnet.

– Take up opportunities: 

While you’re on stage and all eyes are on you, use it to your advantage and let the crowd know you’ve got merch for sale and where they can find it. Make the announcement before you begin your set and once you’ve finished, just in case people have forgotten.

Point out any people that are selling your merchandise so people know who to go to if they need help, also this shows the crowd they’re attentive and happy to help.

– Offers and promotions:

Everyone loves a good offer/deal, so offer them to fans as they enter or leave the venue. Drum up sales by offering other items when people buy your CD for example, a half price cap/key ring when they buy your CD. Give away bumper stickers to those who spend over a certain amount. Don’t give up on a sale. If someone is interested in an item, depending on what it is, you could always knock the price down a bit.

– Suggest alternatives:

Selling out of items may be a situation you come across, so don’t say ‘sorry we’ve run out’ and let that person walk away. Offer them an alternative, ‘I’m afraid we’ve run out of hoodies but we do have a selection of t-shirts available’. Being helpful and thinking on your feet can also bring in more sales.