There are a thousand think-pieces out there either arguing for or against social media for businesses, public figures, whoever the hell they can get to click on it that article. The truth is that social media is an incredibly useful tool when managed properly and used with the best of intentions, especially in the music industry.

The short video sharing platform Vine is what shot Shawn Mendes to stardom, Halsey received massive support on Tumblr for her earliest works, The Arctic Monkeys are one of the first bands who made it massive from online file sharing in a pre-modern social media world. Dua Lipa racked up millions of followers in a matter of months and now has cemented herself as a pop star and social media star.

Social media has made stars in every industry out there, if this doesn’t highlight it’s power when used correctly, I don’t know what does. Below you’ll find my five top tips for using social media that I’ve picked up from working in social media for a few years.

Engage with those who follow you, engage with other bands, articles, etc. Don’t just push your own stuff with nothing else.
It’s tempting to keep pushing your own material but people want to know who the artist is, we don’t follow the artist just to keep up with them, it’s because we like who they are. Once again, Dua Lipa is a prime example of this. She continually replies to her fans with witty remarks often earning over 10k retweets.
But DO remember to share you own things, performances, etc.
You’ve gotta promote yourself sometimes. Utilise pinned posts, post snippets of material and performances on Instagram stories, let people see what you’ve been up to, some behind the scenes shots, etc.
Be active. Don’t start it and not commit. 
Dormant pages are mighty annoying. People generally won’t follow an account that tweets once every few months as they have nothing to gain from following it. Make sure to give social media a bit of time everyday to keep up with your notifications and to post something. If you’re struggling to find the time, look at some free social media management tools to help you schedule in posts, such as Hootsuite and Manageflitter.
Find your voice + be authentic, don’t be fake to get retweets.
Don’t copy what other’s are doing, but do look around for some inspiration. Don’t mimic what you see is popular, it’s fake and people won’t like it. Give it sometime to find your groove and what you want to be doing with the platform you’re on, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.
Have fun with it!
It shouldn’t be a chore and shouldn’t be treated too much like a job. Social media is used as an escape, as a place to share and find joy, take that into account when you spend sometime on it!
One final thing to remember is that there is no perfect way to use social media accounts, there is no perfect combination of accounts to possess, but Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud should really be what you’re going for. Social sharing is so powerful and it’s a mistake to completely exclude yourself from this, especially when trying to get a foot in the door. Now set up those accounts and get tweeting.