Your band logo could make or break you in the music industry and it’s a huge selling point in a music career. Your band logo represents who you are!

The logo will be featured on albums, merchandise, your social pages, website and more so it needs to be right for you. But how do you create a memorable and recognisable logo?

Stay Simple

Simplicity is key when designing a logo and it ensures durability throughout your music career. The Guns n Roses logo has remained the same throughout the bands career, gold outline with black lettering. The band logo also display two pistols along with roses on the end of a bullet, a visual representation of the bands name. Keep simplicity in mind when designing your logo, too many shapes and colours can ruin what you already have. Remember, more is less.

Guns n Roses Logo

(Photo –

Colour Choice

Colour is key when creating a logo as it’s what catches peoples eye and draws them in. You may be a bold band but you don’t have to use bold colours to display who you are, limit certain colours so people will maintain focus when they look at your logo. You don’t want to spend ages designing a logo that is off putting and unattractive to look at. Also, limited colour means a lower printing cost for things like business cards and posters.

iTunes Logo


Your logo is likely to contain limited text. but make sure people can read it. You don’t want fancy text that people can’t read, keep it clean and simple. Choose some fonts that you like and see what looks best visually. Also make sure your colour font is visible, you don’t want your text to be bright yellow that clashes with your white background as people either won’t see it or, again, won’t be able to read it.

The Police Logo


A lot of well known logos contain text but can still be recognised just by the image itself. Sports and car icons can be easily recognised without the brand name next to them, such as Adidas and Audi. The Rolling Stones logo contains lips and a tongue icon that is also easily recognisable. When designing your logo, make sure you can use it as a complete logo and that t can be broken down to either just the icon or text.

Rolling Stones Logo

(Photo – Stereogum, Credit: Rolling Stones Logo)

The Designer

There is nothing to say you can’t design your logo yourself, but will it be of a good standard? The best thing is to get your logo developed by a professional who has knowledge behind what they’re doing. If you’ve designed your logo, take it to a professional and see what they say. Getting a second option from someone who knows what they’re talking about could give you possible suggestions on things you could change or that would work better.

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