A lot of people have most likely started out making music from home, particularly in their bedroom. The tips below are great, and quirky, ideas on how to get your music out of your bedroom and in front of other people!

(1) Make music everyday, whenever you have time!

(2) See how much work you can do on your own then get help for the things you’re struggling with.

(3) Always keep a notepad and pen by your bed, for those spur of the moment ideas.

(4) Record every idea you have in terms of your music, even if it’s on your phone.

(5) Get your friends involved in your music, for example as backing vocalists.

(6) Don’t focus on obstacles, IGNORE them!

(7) Set yourself a deadline and meet it.

(8) Learn to play a new instrument.

(9) Complete a song in one sitting.

(10)  Talk to other artists, musicians and bands.

(11) Go on tour.

(12) Recreate any songs you like.

(13) Get people’s advice, ask questions and take notes.

(14) Read music blogs, magazines and articles.

(15) Learn to record yourself independently.

(16) Record different sounds, musical ones or not.

(17) Use the resources you already have.

(18) Learn about the industry and the music you’re into.

(19) Learn to read music if you can’t.

(20) SHARE your music with anyone and everyone!

(Feature Image – Pexels)