Instagram is on of the most used apps to date with around 700 million active monthly users! The photo app allows users to upload pictures and videos to share with others, from cooking to sports you can upload whatever you feel like (within reason).

If you’re an independent artist, Instagram can be a great way to help grown your fan base and get your name, and music, out there. The tips below are great ways to really benefit from each post you upload to your profile.

(1) Branding is important if you’re a band/artist because it is the key component to who you are as an artist so you should incorporate your brand into your Instagram posts. Try and post content that relates to your brand, for example if you’re a hard metal group you may stick to posting more darker images of things that relate to your music or keep any photos in black and white for added effect.

Try and stick to posts that relate to each other and portray your music, you want people to know exactly who you are as an artist. It is your profile so you can post whatever but introducing your brand to your posts can be very beneficial and it also helps to market your music.  

(2) Consistency is important on any social platform e.g. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. There isn’t much point setting up social profiles if you’re going to post ‘once in a while’ because people aren’t likely to take any notice of your posts.

You don’t have to upload posts everyday but being consistent when you do upload things is important. Maybe upload a post every other day or three times a week so your profile begins to take shape and fans can see you are an active user, they’re likely to engage with your posts more if they can see you post regularly.

You don’t have to religiously stick to the days in which you post things, you may have done something one day that you want to share with others. It’s important not to abandon your account for a large period of time because people may forget about you!

(3) Like Twitter, Instagram allows users to add hashtags to their posts which actually play a large role in getting people to view your post. If you add hashtags to your Instagram posts it increases the chances of people seeing your post, especially if they are searching for that hashtag. Make sure your tags are relevant to whatever you’re posting, and also that they’re spelt correctly. Adding even one hashtag to each of your post increases the amount of people who will see it and may lead to a few more followers, so why wouldn’t you do it?

(4) What a lot of artists, and social media users in general, forget about when posting is if their post is actually engaging or not? Don’t be timid when it comes to posting on Instagram, or any social media platform, if you are interested in something or relate to what another user is posting show them; comment, re-post and like it!

Don’t be afraid to like or comment on other peoples posts, even if you don’t know them, the likelihood is they’ve been wanting to do the same. Getting involved with strangers and people of similar interests can be more beneficial than you know, they’re pretty much potential fans! 

(5) Make sure your Instagram account has some variety, you don’t want to post the same sort of things over and over again because people will get bored of it and may even unfollow you. Users don’t want to constantly look at selfies of you but in a different country, upload pictures of the project you’re working on and recent shows you’ve played. Post interesting things that your followers will want to look at and you will see a difference in the engagement your posts have.

(6) When you’re posting try to keep it short and sweet. Instagram allows users to write as much as they want when captioning the photo they have just uploaded which can actually be a downfall. A limited caption is more likely to get more likes and views than a massive paragraph, so bare this in mind when uploading things.

If you’re uploading a photo that has a story behind it then you can get away with it, but tell the short version, don’t add a massive paragraph to each post because people will give up reading them after a while.

(Feature Image – Pexels)