There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve put on a great gig that you know everyone enjoyed. But that should not be the end of it.  There are some follow-up tasks you should do to make it even more memorable.

 1. Send emails to all participants the next day.

  • Send a sweet and simple thank you note.
  • Send Links n upcoming events you may have
  • A URL to any photos or videos from the gig and social media posts
  • Show any reviews or press articles from the event

It is important to send thank you notes whether by email or by a card. Let your guests and fans know that you appreciated their support and you recognise their value.

2. Send post event questionnaires

Evaluating a gig or event is necessary to make future events even more successful. You can use an event management platform or survey tool to conduct a post event survey. You should sit down and go through what worked and what didn’t.

3. Keep the hype going

Don’t just hype up the gig beforehand just to forget about it once it’s all over. Keep the wave going, post about it on your social media and website.

You should keep the event going for as long as possible in the minds of your guests so they’ll be more likely yo remember it. You could reach out to a few attendees and ask them to write a quick testimonial or promote your next event.

4. Continue networking

Speak with new people and organisers etc you’ve met and continue to grow your connections with them. It sounds simple but bringing new people into your circle is a great way to grow and develop your presence. Your success is all about the relationships you manage to cultivate.

Follow these simple guidelines and your events will be remembered for a long time.