When submitting music to blogs you need to plan, prepare and do your research. There are music blogs out there for pretty much every genre going and there is always plenty of room for your latest track to be featured on them, but how do you get there?

Below are a few things to remember when you’re submitting music to blogs to ensure get the best possible outcome (to be featured).


Pick the right blog:

Make sure the blog you’re submitting your music to features similar artists/tracks. Research the blogs you’re interested in being featured on and submit your track if you’re confident they will feature you. It’s a waste of time, both yours and the recipients, if you send your tracks to every music blog that is completely different to your style.


Follow submission guidelines:

This is a crucial part to any submission you are wanting to make. Each blog has guidelines you must follow to possibly get featured, if you don’t follow the guidelines it’s highly likely your track will be overlooked. Submission guidelines are likely to be on any submission page of a blog so make sure you read them and follow them.


Search for the right contact information:

Although most music blogs have a specific submissions section, you can’t always guarantee the bog you want to submit to will have one. If this is the case, you’ll need to search for the correct details of the person who deals with submissions.

Always make sure you’re submitting your tracks to the right person and address them appropriately, not just in the way you write a generic email.


Always check your work for mistakes:

Spelling, grammar and punctuation is very important when submitting anything to a music blog, especially when music bloggers are usually professional writers. Spelling mistakes can happen to anyone so always make sure you proofread your work, or get a friend/band mate to look. You don’t want your submission to look careless and unprofessional, so take pride in it before you submit it.


Be clear and concise:

Always remember that nobody wants a long winded and unclear email with every track you’ve released in the hope you’ll get featured on their blog. When submitting music to blogs, add a short but concise bio about yourself with links to your social media accounts and a link to your latest track, but make sure the link works!

Laying out a clear email makes your submission look good and it’s more appealing to whomever is receiving it. You don’t want the blogger who is looking at your email to be put off by a clump of text and a messy structure.


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