There is no set number of followers you have to have in order to become ‘verified’ on Twitter, however the more the better! The tips below are a few to bare in mind when you’re trying to get verified, but remember we can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted.

Complete all profile sections: It’s important that each section of your Twitter profile are completed with no blank sections. This includes your bio, mobile number, email address, cover/profile image etc. Make your profile look professional with correct grammar, appropriate images and up to date content, all of this can be done via the ‘Edit Profile‘ button on the right hand side of your profile.

Submit a verification form: Twitter allows you to submit a form in order for you to explain why you deserve to be verified, however this has to be done in 500 words. You need to be logged into your account in order to submit your form and will also need to provide two links to other sites that reinforce your request to be verified.

Stay active: Don’t expect your account to be verified when you haven’t posted in months, it just won’t happen. Invest time in your Twitter account and post regular content to show Twitter you use the platform regularly. Also, regular content keeps any followers entertained with whatever you’re posting.

More than two links: If you’re a musician who is attempting to obtain their blue tick, post more than two links on your verification form. Use links to other social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram so Twitter can see the size of your fan base. Also, links to music streaming services such as Spotify and iTunes shows Twitter you’re selling your music which can increases your chances of your request being successful.

Relevant photographs: Make sure your cover photo and profile image are up to date and of good standard, show Twitter you take pride in your account. Use an image that is of a good standard and clear, not pixelated and blurry. A picture of your latest single/album cover is always good and shows Twitter you keep our profile up to date, it also promotes your latest release.

Confirm your details: Things like your email address and phone number are things you should confirm so Twitter knows you are exactly who you say you are. If you’re a band, set up an email address with your band name in it to make it clearer.

Set tweets as ‘Public’: Set your tweets to public so everyone can see them, this can increase your fan base. To do this, head to your Twitter Security and Privacy settings and untick in the ‘Tweet Privacy’ box.

Explain different points: In your 500 word explanation make sure you get your point across that verifying your account doesn’t just benefit you, it also helps users. You can say that you’re being mistaken for other people that have similar names as you and that your fans are unable to find you, because it does happen!

Remember not everyone who applies to receive their blue tick gets accepted, you may have to apply more then once. The tips above are useful to take into consideration before you apply, also Twitter have their own advice for users to look at before applying here.

Good luck!

(Feature Image – Pexels)